GA 225 | How to Create a Strategy Execution Plan with David Asher

This week’s episode features David Asher. Ron and David talked about the importance of having a Strategy Execution Plan, among other things.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Dave’s background (2:22)
The quote David likes (7:39)
Why we think about strategy (8:53)
David’s approach (12:09)
The basic structure of the Strategy Execution Plan (15:36)
A successful example (19:09)
What they did differently (21:16)
What else to look out for (26:11)
What “Respect for People” means to David (28:32)
Why David wouldn’t change anything (29:57)
Where the movement is headed (31:20)
Advice David has received (32:51)
What David is most proud of (34:01)

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