GA 224 | How to Apply Lean in Different Countries with James Newell

This episode features James Newell. James is American but has lived in Germany for the past twenty years, and he shared his experiences applying lean there.

In this episode you’ll learn:

James’ background (2:17)
When James got into lean (5:21)
The state of lean in Germany (6:32)
The quotes that inspire James (7:38)
What reanimation means (9:44)
Examples (11:46)
The results (15:45)
James’ advice (19:22)
Preventing the need to jumpstart (21:15)
Why we go from “What” to “How” (22:30)
What James would do if he could go back in time (26:13)
A time when James failed to sell someone on continuous improvement (27:15)
A time when James succeeded (29:03)
What Americans could learn from the Germans and vice versa (31:27)
What “Respect for People’ means to James (34:03)

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