GA 223 | How to Apply Lean to the Government with Justin Kenney

This episode features Justin Kenney. Justin, who works for the state of Vermont, explained how he and his team leverage continuous improvement at the government level.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Justin’s background (2:15)
The quote that inspires Justin (4:28)
The first six months of their journey (8:12)
What happened to the original facilitators (15:12)
What the improvements look like now (15:49)
How many have been trained (16:55)
What’s unique about their approach (17:23)
State involvement (20:30)
An example of an improvement Justin is proud of (25:02)
Their work with the DMV (34:15)
The other challenges they’re facing (38:02)
Justin’s advice (40:59)
What Justin would do differently (43:45)
What Justin is most proud of (45:31)

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