GA 222 | How to Sustain Improvements with Brian DeVries

This episode features Brian DeVries. Ron and Brian talked about sustaining improvements and showing empathy throughout the process.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Brian’s background (2:01)
About Brian’s company, Zeeland Farm Services (4:50)
Their lean journey (6:08)
Why we struggle to sustain improvements (7:56)
The three components (11:38)
About the empathy tools (13:20)
What empathy means to Brian (15:59)
Balancing empathy with the need to survive (17:55)
Brian’s tagline (20:10)
The future of lean (25:01)
Where most people struggle (26:36)
The area of lean Brian struggles with (28:47)
Bad advice that Brian has received (30:19)
Brian’s final words of wisdom (31:46)

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