GA 221 | How to Think Scientifically with Stephen Derksen

This episode features Stephen Derksen. Ron and Stephen discussed Toyota Kata and learning how to think in a scientific manner.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Stephen’s background (2:44)
About Barkman Concrete (5:03)
Lean in Canada (5:39)
Barkman’s CI journey (7:41)
What CME is and how they’ve helped (11:16)
How they discovered Toyota Kata (12:35)
Their first experiment (16:49)
The progress they made (19:34)
The Dreyfus model (21:13)
Where they are today (23:18)
How their leadership style has changed (25:40)
The connection to the backwards bicycle (31:56)
Some of the lessons he’s learned (34:48)
Advice he would give his younger self (36:44)
Who Stephen would shadow (37:58)
What Stephen is most proud of (39:09)
Stephen’s final words of wisdom (40:07)

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