GA 220 | How to Ensure the Longevity of Your Lean Success with Mohamed Aref

This episode features Mohamed Aref. Mohamed shared his lean journey with us, including his take on what makes a lean initiative stick, and what lean is like in Egypt.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Mohamed’s background (2:18)
His introduction to lean (4:10)
How his company began using lean  (5:44)
The skepticism he encountered (6:52)
The first thing Mohamed did with lean (7:38)
The reduced lead time (11:34)
Cultural challenges they faced (12:25)
How attitudes changed over time (13:58)
What lean is like at the company now (15:05)
Lean in Egypt (18:11)
The main success factors (19:13)
What “Respect for People” means to Mohamed (22:08)
The advice Mohamed would give his younger self (23:11)
Some of the best advice Mohamed has received (24:27)
How Mohamed practices lean outside of work (26:48)
Mohamed’s book recommendations (27:40)
Mohamed’s final words of wisdom (29:31)

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