GA 219 | How to Adopt the Best Mindset for Lean with Kyle Kumpf

This episode features Kyle Kumpf. Kyle walked us through his lean journey thus far, explaining why it’s important to be critical on processes and not people.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Kyle’s background (3:08)
How Kyle would define continuous improvement (5:22)
About the mindset (6:26)
Kyle’s introduction to lean (9:02)
Balancing the waste of inventory in packaging (11:44)
How the process knowledge applies to banking (14:20)
The difference in resistance (15:29)
The obstacles Kyle has experienced (17:15)
Kyle’s journey thus far (22:35)
An area of lean Kyle struggles with (25:44)
What Kyle would do differently (27:20)
How Kyle practices lean in his personal life (28:57)

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