GA 218 | How to Harness the Power of A3 Thinking with Captain Brad Brown

This episode features the audio of a presentation given by Captain Brad Brown at the 2017 Lean Municipal Government Forum in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Brad shared how the fire department’s use of A3 thinking has yielded real, powerful results.

In this episode you’ll learn:

About A3 Thinking (1:51)
Outcomes vs inputs (4:17)
What an A3 is (5:50)
The most common use for A3 Thinking (8:00)
Why the mindset is what matters (11:11)
The different A3 formats (13:17)
Inventory management using solo cups (14:07)
The fire department’s system (14:53)
Do’s and don’ts (18:20)
PDCA and A3 Thinking (21:32)
Managing using the A3 (22:33)
Questions not to ask (24:59)
The emotional impact of data analysis (30:32)
The team’s mindset (31:42)

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