GA 217 | How Gemba Academy Practices Lean with Leslie Moles and Jennifer Scott

This episode features Leslie Moles and Jennifer Scott. Leslie and Jennifer shared what it’s like  practicing lean at Gemba Academy, specifically how we leverage Toyota Kata.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Their roles at Gemba Academy (2:44)
A quote that inspires Leslie (5:33)
A quote that inspires Jennifer (6:06)
Continuous improvement at Gemba Academy (6:46)
Our journey with Toyota Kata (10:27)
The first target condition (13:40)
Some of the recent experiments (16:43)
The new customer process (22:03)
The “What did you learn?” approach (25:04)
Why lean isn’t just for manufacturing (27:12)
Practicing scientific thinking (28:32)
A funny story about Gemba Academy (32:54)

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