GA 215 | How to Reflect on Lessons Learned with Brian Buck

This episode features Brian Buck. Brian reflected back on his journey thus far and shared some of the lessons he’s learned, including the importance of defining and maintaining standards.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Brian’s background (3:06)
His introduction to lean (6:45)
Reflecting on the lessons Brian has learned (9:28)
An example (11:50)
Lean in the kitchen (16:11)
What else Brian is working on (18:36)
The crossover (20:10)
Avoiding falling in the trap (22:42)
Brian’s advice (24:17)
What the future of lean looks like (28:05)
How Brian practices lean in his personal life (30:31)
The one thing Brian wishes people would focus more on (32:10)
Brian’s final words of wisdom (35:58)

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