GA 214 | How to Set a Challenge with Mark Rosenthal

This episode features consultant Mark Rosenthal. Mark shared some insights regarding the various components of Toyota Kata, including setting a challenge and determining a target condition.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Mark’s background (2:10)
An overview of the improvement and coaching katas (4:23)
Setting the challenge (8:10)
The importance of thinking beyond the numbers (12:41)
Setting your target condition (16:33)
The wording (21:08)
The number of experiments it takes (23:14)
Mark’s approach (24:20)
The big mistake Mark sees (25:29)
Target conditions for your OEE challenge (26:14)
An example of the power of scientific thinking (28:36)
The conditions under which continuous improvement may fail (31:01)
Who Mark would shadow if he had a time machine (32:15)
Mark’s final words of wisdom (35:03)

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