GA 211 | How to Navigate a Kaizen Journey with Jeff Kaas

This episode features Jeff Kaas, President of Kaas Tailored and Lead Consultant at Truth Bit Pull Consulting. Jeff described how he discovered kaizen, how it changed his company, and more.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Jeff’s background (1:59)
About Jeff’s company (5:38)
Why a business like his is rare (6:54)
Using “kaizen” over “lean” (7:37)
What they did (9:19)
The tipping point (12:20)
Speaking different languages (18:09)
About the tours (20:10)
About Truth Bit Pull (22:30)
The area of continuous improvement Jeff struggles with (28:55)
The best advice Jeff has ever received (31:17)
What Jeff is most proud of (32:42)
Battling the temptation of vanity (33:52)

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