GA 209 | How to Address Poverty with Lean-Like Thinking with Jacob Stoller and Mauricio Miller

This episode features Jacob Stoller and Mauricio Miller. Ron, Jacob, and Mauricio discussed the Family Independence Initiative, and how a lean-like approach can be used to create real social change.

In this episode you’ll learn:

How Jacob met Mauricio (2:36)
About Mauricio (4:39)
The current state (10:53)
What he did next (13:07)
Determining the candidates (17:36)
Taking action (19:54)
How they are learning and being coached (22:16)
The positive impacts (28:07)
Helping them define success (30:47)
What we can learn from Mauricio and FII (33:41)
How the lean movement can help (37:43)
Final words of wisdom (40:58)

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