GA 205 | How to Use Lean in the Cafeteria with Willy Bustillos

This episode features Willy Bustillos, a Food Service Manager who uses lean principles to improve high school cafeterias. Willy explained what it’s like applying lean in such an untraditional setting, including some of the challenges involved.

In this episode you’ll learn:

The quote that inspires Willy (2:19)
Willy’s background (3:12)
His work with high schools (4:57)
The nature of most cafeterias (8:04)
How Willy got into this line of work (8:56)
The resistance and how they overcame it (12:12)
An example (13:54)
Some of the lean tools involved (15:42)
Balancing nutrition with the students’ preferences (18:50)
What Willy is up to these days (19:52)
Where he is at with kata (21:50)
Willy’s advice for anyone trying to implement lean in an untraditional setting (24:16)
What “Respect for People” means to Willy (25:48)
The best advice he’s ever received (26:59)
What Willy is most proud of as it relates to lean (28:01)
Willy’s final words of wisdom (33:31)

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