GA 204 | How to Set the Stage for Your Lean Journey with Matt Kellett

This episode features continuous improvement leader Matt Kellett. Matt and Ron discussed what needs to be in place in order to successfully start and sustain a lean journey.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Matt’s background and what he’s up to these days (1:58)
The quote that inspires Matt (3:29)
Teaching others to help themselves (5:27)
The elements that need to be in place to start your journey (9:21)
The balance of “push” versus “pull” (16:28)
The next step (19:25)
What approach they use (21:19)
How they determine the scope (24:16)
Connecting with individual team members (27:24)
One of Matt’s failures (31:50)
How Matt manages his own lean journey (38:31)
An area of lean Matt struggles with (42:33)
Matt’s final words of wisdom (48:15)

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