GA 201 | How to Apply Lean to the Airline Industry with David Acklin

This episode features David Acklin from Hawaiian Airlines. David explained how they improved their interline baggage process, including how they got other airlines involved.

In this episode you’ll learn:

David’s background (2:05)
Continuous improvement at Hawaiian Airlines (3:04)
David’s favorite Deming quote (5:03)
About interline baggage (6:35)
What the problem was (9:29)
How they convinced other airlines to participate (11:30)
The resistance they experienced (14:58)
The countermeasures they implemented (19:17)
Their results (21:41)
The reaction from Hawaiian Airlines leadership (22:27)
What David would do differently (23:39)
What “continuous improvement leadership” means (25:28)
How David practices continuous improvement at home (26:52)
Where people struggle (28:05)
What David is most proud of as it relates to continuous improvement (30:31)
David’s final words of wisdom (32:10)

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