GA 197 | How to Use Continuous Improvement in Untraditional Settings with Veronica Silva

This episode features Veronica Silva. Veronica shared some great stories of how she’s used continuous improvement in all different kinds of settings, including bartending and banking.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Veronica’s background (1:44)
Veronica’s training days (3:41)
How she applied Six Sigma to bartending (5:17)
Her transition to software (7:41)
Applying Six Sigma to banking (9:38)
The whiteboard story (13:35)
Her transition to public utilities (16:46)
What Veronica is currently working on (17:59)
Where continuous improvement is heading (19:45)
A time when Veronica was able to sell someone on continuous improvement (21:35)
Who Veronica would “shadow” (23:48)
The best advice Veronica has ever received (25:18)
About Veronica’s business (26:39)
Final words of wisdom (33:27)

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