GA 196 | How to Name Lean with Tracey and Ernie Richardson

This episode features Tracey and Ernie Richardson. Tracey and Ernie explained a question they asked on LinkedIn recently regarding the “lean” label and what other words might suit this incredible movement.

In this episode you’ll learn:

What Tracey and Ernie are up to (1:51)
The question they asked on LinkedIn (4:53)
Why they asked it (6:24)
What they learned from the responses (7:48)
What surprised them (9:06)
The top phrases used (10:23)
The names they would have suggested (12:03)
Whether or not the term “lean” is here to stay (16:38)
The universal definition of lean (18:50)
Reflecting on 2017 (21:01)
About their book, The Toyota Engagement Equation (25:02)
What’s new for Tracey and Ernie (27:45)

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