GA 195 | How to Manage a Career Change with Thomas Frederick

This episode features Thomas Frederick. Tom explained what it was like to switch careers from teaching/coaching to healthcare, applying lean along the way.

In this episode you’ll learn:

The quote that inspires Tom (4:50)
Tom’s background (6:25)
His early days of lean (7:19)
About evidence-based decision making (10:19)
Giving answers versus asking questions (12:14)
Being a reactive coach (15:01)
Tom’s transition from teaching to healthcare (17:40)
Why Tom chose healthcare (19:41)
How Tom got started (20:36)
Tom’s kata practice (23:49)
What “Respect for People” means to Tom (30:15)
The best advice Tom has ever received (31:15)
What Tom is most proud of (32:38)
The knowledge or skill Tom wants to improve (35:04)
Tom’s advice to anyone considering a career change (35:40)

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