GA 194 | How to Teach the Art of Continuous Improvement with Attila Dobai

This episode features Attila Dobai. Attila’s background is in the service industry, and he shared some of his stories with us…specifically about the people-side of continuous improvement.

In this episode you’ll learn:

The quote that inspires Attila (3:01)
Attila’s background (3:52)
His introduction to continuous improvement (4:51)
The problems Attila was trying to solve (7:09)
Continuous improvement in a services context (8:32)
How Attila approaches the human side (10:11)
Preparing for opportunities (18:46)
What “Respect for People” means to Attila (21:05)
The best advice Attila has ever received (21:49)
An experiment or project that turned out differently (23:44)
What Attila is most proud of (26:33)
The books Attila recommends (27:25)
The knowledge or skill area Attila feels he needs to improve (29:16)
Attila’s final words of wisdom (30:31)

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