GA 191 | How to Reflect on the Roles of Fear and Love in Continuous Improvement with Renée Smith

This episode features Renée Smith, a Lean Transformation Services Director for the State of Washington. Renée shared her fascinating findings on fear, love, and their roles in continuous improvement.

In this episode you’ll learn:

* The quote that inspires Renée (2:45)
* Renée’s background (3:28)
* The State of Washington’s lean journey (6:08)
* Some of Renée’s challenges (7:33)
* Renée’s research on fear (10:57)
* The role of love in continuous improvement (13:12)
* The themes of love Renée found (20:47)
* The role of fear (26:30)
* How accountability factors in (29:17)
* What Renée and her team are doing (33:47)
* The book Renée recommends (41:31)

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