GA 190 | How to Use Lean in Software Development vs. Operations with Tom and Mary Poppendieck

This episode features Tom and Mary Poppendieck. Tom and Mary discussed the role that lean plays in software development, versus in more traditional operational contexts.

In this episode you’ll learn:

The quote that inspires Tom and Mary (2:16)
Their background (3:37)
Lean in a development environment (7:24)
An example problem (9:40)
How one piece flow applies to software development (13:41)
About defects (14:21)
The role of Artificial Intelligence (18:46)
Practicing lean in software (23:50)
What “Respect for People” means to them (27:16)
The best advice Mary has ever received (29:25)
What Tom is most proud of as it relates to lean (30:28)
Their book recommendations (31:20)
Final words of wisdom (33:45)

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