GA 186 | How to Transition into Different Lean Roles with Jess Orr

This episode features Jess Orr. Ron sat down with Jess at AME Boston to discuss her transition from working at Toyota to taking on a new role at another company.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Jess’s background (3:54)
The tools Toyota uses (6:05)
About their A3 process (7:28)
Why Jess left Toyota (8:10)
The transition from Toyota to her new job (9:02)
What did and didn’t work (11:26)
How Jess started (12:43)
A hidden aspect of Toyota (16:59)
The biggest opportunities (18:56)
What Jess would tell her younger self (20:54)
Jess’s advice (22:35)
Book recommendations (23:35)
What Jess is most proud of as it relates to lean (28:01)
The things Jess wants to have done a year from now (31:30)

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