GA 184 | How to Become a Better Problem Solver with Kelly Moore

This episode features Kelly Moore, longtime friend and customer of Gemba Academy. Ron and Kelly discussed problem solving and all the different ways you can approach it, including Toyota Kata, PDCA, and more.

In this episode you’ll learn:

The quote that inspires Kelly (3:49)
Kelly’s background (5:14)
How Kelly approaches problem solving (7:10)
The tools Kelly has seen used (8:35)
Why people fall into the A3 template “trap” (12:34)
Kelly’s journey with her organization (14:20)
What’s next for Kelly (22:27)
Developing coaches (23:25)
How to set a challenge (24:58)
How to set a target condition (27:07)
Advice for being a better problem solver (29:59)
What “Respect for People” means to Kelly (33:57)
The best advice Kelly has ever received (35:44)
An approach that didn’t turn out as expected (37:24)
Advice Kelly would give her younger self (38:48)
What Kelly is most proud of as it relates to lean (40:40)
Kelly’s book recommendations (43:31)
The knowledge or skill area Kelly feels she needs to improve (47:32)
Final words of wisdom (49:15)

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