Future Connected Dorset – Futurefest

Dorset is a perfect mix of sea, towns, hills and fields for people to live and do business from. The days of the sleepy county are long gone, although we need to shout and celebrate the successes a lot more.

With innovation centres being built and proposed across Dorset, the high-speed fibre being installed to bridge Dorset and BCP areas, and the 5G projects from both Dorset and BCP Councils, this is a very exciting time for businesses that can be involved and take advantage of the technology.

Whilst I will cover some of the infrastructure projects that my company and others are involved in, it’s what this enables, and the mindset required for a Future Connected Dorset that is more important.

What can we all do to be part of it and bring through the next generation of Dorset businesses? I certainly don’t have the answers but hope we can explore this together.

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