Furry Potatoes

This is a furry potato (guinea pig), also called a squeaky loaf, and sometimes called a whistle tater. And they’re completely adorable, with their sniffy whifflers, snack seekers, floppy listeners, teeny tippy tappies, and little potato booties. Some have big ol potato booties…hold up a minute. That’s no furry potato, that’s a doggo. Bamboozled again!

It’s essential to understand the many hairstyles of the furry potato. Most have a crew cut or the racing stripe. Some furry potatoes are floofy potatoes, while others are fancy furry potatoes with majestic flowing locks. And if a furry potato has no hair, it’s called a North American House Hippo (or raw potato).

Furry potatoes do many activities, but their absolute favorite is to nom nom, especially the greens and the melons. If a furry potato doesn’t eat for a while, it gets hangry and becomes a fury potato. Remember: he protec, he attac, but most importantly, he snac.

As always, visualize furry potatoes, cattos, doggos, other animals, memes, ideas, or anything else (really!) with Lucidchart.

Credits for Photos with Attribution Requirements
Majestic flowing locks – by Jg4817 – https://bit.ly/2tEcouM -cropped photo, added text
North American House Hippo – by Nerwign https://bit.ly/2EfPHSJ
– cropped photo, added text

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