Furry Nopes, Grizlords, & Murder Carpets

Time to talk about the furry nope (bears), also called the danger floof, big forest pupper, or murder carpet. There are many kinds, like the raccoon bear, cobra bear, and murder cottonball. Then there’s the fiercest furry nope of all—the grizlord. And watch out for doggos—they’re looking to bamboozle you.

Next up is bear anatomy. Most dangerous are the huggers, skull crushers, and the gulper. Then there’s the big ol’ sniffer. It finds honey bunches of nope, blub blub doggos, human food, and…humans. Then there’s the little toe beans, and the cutest part of of all: the nub.

If you’re outside and you see a murder carpet with its little murder babies, just nope on outta there. Nope, nope, nope.

Some animals might look like furry nopes, but they’re not, like the noodle bear, trash panda, gummy bear, and teddy bear. Also, tree floofs are not furry nopes, since they don’t meet the koala-fications.

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