Four Ways To Optimize Customer Data for Deeper Insights Webinar March 09 2016

To keep up with rapidly changing customer demands, businesses need to gain deeper insights into their customer data. However, business analysts must deal with increasing volumes and complexities of the data before they can deliver better insights relating to customer targeting and marketing spend. Register now for this webinar and see how business analysts can utilize 4 best practices to deal with the increasing volume and complexity of customer data:

1. BLEND your customer data from multiple sources to deliver a comprehensive view of your interactions
2. CLEANSE the data in a few simple clicks to remove bad data, outliers, and null data for better insights
3. PREDICT highest lifetime value customers without having to know how to program or code in R
4. VISUALIZE your data-driven analysis and increase your speed to insight
Attend this webinar and see how Alteryx and Microsoft Power BI enable business analysts to optimize customer data in order to generate deeper insights.

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