Finding Your Way: Insights from Intuit’s Lean Journey – Ben Blank – Lean Startup Week 2017

Intuit has been on a journey to discover how the company might learn from the Lean Startup movement and apply what’s been learned to the way teams work. Bennett Blank, Innovation Leader at Intuit, will share the most impactful steps Intuit took to get started and what changes they are making currently to sustain that progress. You’ll learn tricks about how to create the change required to work in a new, better way, how to make these changes stick in your own organization, and what questions still remain for Intuit to resolve.

Through his work at Intuit, Bennett Blank has been leading the charge to apply Lean Startup principles within large organizations. From his time as a product manager and Lean Startup practitioner, to his current role as coach and innovation leader, Bennett’s mission is to help others drive change in their organization and within themselves.

Bennett was instrumental in scaling Lean Startup techniques at Intuit by developing a series of training programs to help teams apply Lean Startup to their daily work. Through this journey he has experienced the joys and the challenges of innovating inside large organizations, and is passionate about sharing what he has learned along the way.

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