eXtreme volunteering… Marcin Bazydlo, Agile on the Beach 2018

In this session from Agile On The Beach 2018, Marcin Bazydlo talks about his experiences leading a region team of 18 volunteers of the established country level volunteering project in Poland.

The goal of the volunteering project in Poland was to help families in need rebuild their self esteem and motivation to work for better future by giving one time gift supporting their actual needs. As a software engineer and a team lead Marcin drew heavily from his day-to-day work practices, adapting and using agile practices to a new environment.

In this talk Marcin compares and contrasts well specified volunteering organisation practices with extreme programming practices, sharing stories designed to help leaders and anyone else looking to learn how to treat their team better. Watch and learn how corporate can get a volunteering project and what process it follows.


Dreamer. Hacker. Programmer.
I worked as a researcher of REST applications replication systems (authored couple of papers which will never be cited). Then I decided that agile is much more interesting and moved to business. Now I enjoy new challenges working for Guestline. I am enthusiast of stuff that works, and brilliant solutions.

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