Example Coaching Cycle – The Basic 5Q Structure

This video demonstrates the basic 5-question pattern that gets practiced in daily Coaching Cycles, in the Execution phase of the Improvement Kata. It’s a must-view to really understand the scientific process that the Improvement Kata & Coaching Kata are about. The Five-Question Card and PDCA Cycles Record shown in the video are available at: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mrother/KATA_Files/5Q_Card.pdf.

The Coach’s Five Questions and the Learner’s Experimenting Record are “Starter Kata.” Begin by practicing the fundamental routines of these Kata, and as you gain skill and understanding you should add clarifying questions, etc. to them to fit your situation.

You can use this video to provide some Coaching Kata background content for Learners to ‘pre-review’ online before a practice session. Then you can quiz your Learner on what they got out of the video, which helps you get a sense of how they are currently thinking. Then devote the practice time to observing and making focused corrections in the Learner’s approach.

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