Evolving project leadership from command and control to engage and empower – the story

APM webinar sponsored by the North West branch, Cumbria group on 30 September 2021

Speaker: Gordon MacKay

The recently released APM book by this same title is the result of a journey of discovery to answer a deceptively simple question, “How would you assess leadership”? 

The author believed that, of course, they intuitively ‘knew’ what leadership is. How hard could measuring it be? Yet, scrutinising what leadership ‘is’ and how it differs from ‘managing’ projects, exposed startling insights. Drawing on leadership stereotypes from many fields of human endeavour, reasons emerged to explain why they are now failing, redundant, and even counterproductive.

What has changed? What now, then, is the function and form of behaviours required of the effective project leader?



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