Even Moar Aninmal Names

It’s not just doggos, cattos, and sneks that have amazing names—the internet has many names for all creatures. Some of those animals are small, like the hamster kitten, baby saxophone, mega murder mittens, giggle pup, and even sea biscuit (not the horse).

Some animals are big and tough, like the battle cattle, danger deer, and the horned prairie cloud. Then there’s the winter tree doggo—a majestic beast of the forest. There are also many small and tough animals, like the moley rollie pollie (also called the cannon ball possum), and the forbidden avocado. Be mindful of the sad avocados, too.

Then there’s sneks with legs, like the itty bitty dino, biguana, car insurance and the magical safety dragon. She’ll eat the spooders, so don’t burn your house down.

Last but no least, there’s the water doggos—sea doggo, ocean panther, and word bank.

Visualize your animals, doggos, cattos, ideas, processes, and anything else (really!) with Lucidchart.

Photo Attributions
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Forbidden Avocado – Stephencdickson – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:A_pangolin_in_defensive_posture,_Horniman_Museum,_London.jpg

Memes Referenced
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