Establishing Business Agility at the Bank – Dee Wauchope and Julian Holmes, Agile on the Beach 2019

in their AOTB 2019 talk Dee Wauchope and Julian Holmes present a case study explaining how ThoughtWorks supported the adoption of Agile principles and practises at a major bank, collaborating with both the business and IT. They look at the results that were achieved, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them.

Increasing organisational effectiveness through the adoption of Agile principles and practices is far more common for IT than for the business. Ideally, the business and IT should work as one, but as it is rarely the case, change planning needs to be consistent across both. This talk will teach you strategies to ensure that these issues can be overcome.

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Dee’s role at ThoughtWorks is as a Lean/Agile Change Consultant, working with everyone from the CXO level to individual project team members to help bring about organisational improvements that will help enterprises react to the constant flux and disruption in today’s marketplace.

At ThoughtWorks, Julian’s role as an Agile Transformation Consultant is to work with clients to address software delivery challenges and improve the effectiveness of their organisation’s ability to deliver software solutions that meet current and changing business needs.

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