Error Proofing – Why a 4-point strategy

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Error Proofing can avoid you a lot of wastes. This is why and decided to reveal this 4 points strategy.

Here the transcript of the video.

4 Priorities for error proofing

In LEAN, ERROR is one of the 8 wastes.

It causes Defects, Reworks, Resources and Time to fix it.
An error causes Stress and Frustrations, Unhappy Customers, Cash flow problems, even Monetary penalties…

* How do we start with error proofing?

A. Lean approach – Avoid making the error
B. Avoid passing the errors on to the next person
C. Avoid passing errors to the customer

* 4 priorities for error proofing

1. Make it impossible to make the error

2. Make it harder to make the error

3. Make it obvious the error occurred

4. Make the system or process robust, so it tolerates the error



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