Eric Ries | The Startup Way

Entrepreneurship guru and author of “The Lean Startup” presents his highly-anticipated follow-up, “The Startup Way.” Buy a copy here:

Having turned his attention to reinventing the modern company, Ries has now written the new framework based on five key principles used in successful startups. Drawing from his extensive work history with multinational companies such as GE, Amazon, Facebook, Airbnb, Toyota, and more, Eric creates the essential roadmap to help organizations find long-term growth through continuous transformation.

Eric Ries’ New York Times bestseller “The Lean Startup,” has sold over one million copies and has been translated into more than thirty languages. He is the creator of the Lean Startup methodology, which has become a global movement in business, practiced by individuals and companies around the world.

He appears in conversation with Beth Comstock, Vice Chair of General Electric.

Recorded October 18, 2017

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