End Document Chaos: Save Time Through Collaborative Requirements Management

Business Analysts are faced with an information overload problem. You spend hours circulating, editing and tracking changes to requirements stored in hard to track documents. It takes crazy heroics and is a nightmare to manage using Word, Excel and email. And still, teams often get out of sync on what they are supposed to build and why.

To get in sync, companies are adopting social technologies. But social for social’s sake has limited business value. It can create noise or distraction if not done purposefully around the requirements. Tools allow teams a new way of working that helps us collaborate in the context of our projects, by:
– Capturing decisions
– Understanding goals
– Increasing visibility
– Recognizing impacts

Join this webinar and learn how to save time and work more efficiently. We’ll examine how the BA can better interact with requirements by applying social collaboration to the requirements lifecycle, creating deeper engagement across teams and delivering successful projects.

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