Enabling Students To Solve The Problems Of Tomorrow

Code Naturally’s CEO Sukh Singh explained in a recent webcast with Lean Startup Co. faculty member Hisham Ibrahim that his startup, which teaches Bay Area kids to become problem-solving computer coders, began in an entrepreneurship class at UC Santa Cruz, where Sukh’s teacher, a fan of the Lean Startup, introduced his students to the book and its ideas. “We had to go out and interview customers,” Sukh says. In that process, he says he found the value in Lean Startup because communicating with customers was easier than he expected.

“Often they would give me ideas that I never would have thought of that were just completely out of range of what I thought my potential solution might have been.”

His big epiphany from that process was that “people will happily tell you how to make money if you’re just willing to talk to them and ask.”

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