Empowering a team through change – Emma Burgoyne

The famous Greek philosopher Heraclitus is known to have said “change is the only constant in life”. But how much change can one team navigate? And what can be put in place when things get really choppy?

Between April & November 2021 the Range & Supply squad was formed & grown to 9 members, Bloom & Wild acquired two companies and completed the first phase of technical integration. All in all a rather busy six months!

During this talk we’re going to cover how we used the power of the EM/PM pair to build a happy, motivated and impactful squad capable of thriving during this intense time.

There wasn’t time to dive into tons of change management books, so we’ll be sharing our sleeves-rolled-up, first hand experience. The high-five inducing highs, the challenges we faced, what we learnt, what we wished we’d known and what we’re taking away as we prepare to do it all again for integration round two.

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