Emojis Explained

Emojis are an essential form of communication, so we explain when and how to use emojis in this helpful (and humorous) Lucidchart diagram.

Emojis typically show emotions (duh). So some of the most common emojis are the smiley face when you’re feeling happy, the angry face when you’re feeling moody, and the maybe the smiling poop when you’re feeling poopy. Other common emojis are the winky face, the grimace, and of course “crying tears of joy.”

Emojis can change the meaning of a message. You could say the exact same thing, but it means something completely different if you put a different emoji on the end. Also, some emojis are misinterpreted. Lots of them have Japanese origins that don’t quite translate the same way to English. Along those same lines, you may want to avoid the eggplant and the peach 😉

Emojis are great for games like Connect 4, checkers, or chess. But watch out…those games take awhile. You can also create beautiful emoji artwork. Our favorite is the Emoji Sheriff 🙂


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