Embedding Data Governance in Business Operations – HoChun Ho | IRM UK

Expert Insights from the IRM UK Master Data Management Summit & Data Governance Conference Europe 2018

HoChun Ho, Global Head, Data Governance and Management, JLL
Justyna Malarska, Data Management Lead EMEA, JLL

Effective data governance is a key enabler for business to gain competitive advantage. However, many of the components of a data governance program are not well understood or considered core business capabilities. Data stewardship, data policies and standards, data quality, critical data elements and thorough understanding of data assets are not always adequately funded. This presentation will review JLL’s journey to successfully transform data governance from a novel concept to an embedded capability in the business operations, supported by people, process and technology.

JLL launched the data governance function about five years ago. Like other organizations that established data governance, JLL faced various challenges as it moved up the maturity curve. With a clear vision, carefully planned timing, and practical execution, they were able to introduce the data governance building blocks and make them highly relevant to the business operations.

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