Edinburgh CI team of the year – We are Lean and Agile Awards

Have a look here for more details on why City of Edinburgh Council are our Continuous Improvement Team of the Year.
They have built a sustainable continuous improvement team of over 200 people across the organisation all supported by a team of 4 or 5. They have mapped over 1000 processes and identified over £1m of benefits.

Great work from the team and it shows how you can implement a continuous improvement culture and spread process mapping skills right across the organisation with the right tools and the right approach.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Productivity and Get More of the Right Stuff Done

Among my talking jobs is being an Actor for a regional hospital. They give me a manuscript and also I act out different patient functions for nurses in training or those going with an expert certification.

7 Ways Organizations Can Improve Their Employees’ Productivity In 2015

Worker efficiency is constantly a significant concern for organizations as well as particularly now that competition has actually ended up being fierce as well as great skill is limited. Organizations should make every effort to obtain the best of their existing workforce for them to stay in organization. In this short article, I will certainly be sharing some extremely beneficial concepts that would certainly aid organizations enhance the efficiency of their workforce in 2015.

Small Actions Add Up To Success

Little steps taken regularly include up to success. Whether you’re seeming like the souped-up racehorse or the deer in the headlights, taking tiny – really small – actions towards your goals is usually going to obtain you there quicker.

Making Your Workplace More Efficient

History can educate us a great bargain concerning making our work environment extra reliable. For Example: A master artisan was somebody that had actually proceeded from pupil to journeyman as well as had developed the ability and experience to be considered as well as approved to the guild of master craftsmen. They had actually generated a worthwhile masterpiece for inclusion. They comprehended, totally, what it was that they were required to do. A master craftsman had every one of the tools and also all of the devices they needed and also they recognized how to use them all to develop a work of art. When you work, are you a master craftsman or are you an apprentice?

8 Great Habits for Both Work and Life

The 8 Magnum Opus Habits are general regulations that aid individuals in the workplace. Not many individuals recognize that they are additionally excellent life routines likewise.

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