Dynamic Strategies for Investing In Change 28-29 November 2019, London

Website: https://irmuk.co.uk/events/dynamic-strategies-for-investing-in-change/

Two intensive days of results-driven, realistic and joined-up answers to today’s high-paced world of fragmented change.

Change is accelerating and fragmenting, fast. This workshop is for everyone who needs to have a joined-up view of change: joined-up goals, architectures, requirements, risks, resources and methods. If that’s you, then your role is about creating across-the-board outcomes that are more than just the sum of individually-chosen changes.

The acceleration of change is outside-in. Markets transform and customer choices evolve faster than many enterprises are capable of changing, yet slower than others would prefer. Getting out-of-sync with the market, one way or the other, is now more likely than ever and will soon show up in the business results. Speed-to-outcomes is now a defining requirement in choosing the best changes to invest in.

Fragmented change is both a trend and a choice. Global developments, such as digitalization, AI and enterprise agility, are exploding the volume and diversity of ideas to invest in. Meanwhile, people are dividing-up changes – where possible – into small, low-risk and iterative deliveries, worked on by self-governing teams. So, being dynamic at creating co-ordinated outcomes, through diverse and fragmented initiatives, is now at the heart of our excellence at investing in change.

Two days. Eight inter-related workshop sessions. As many of your real-world challenges as we can answer in the time. Starting with what it takes to be excellent at investing in change, and finishing with what you want to do next. We’ll explore strategy, culture, process, portfolio, structure and performance. And, conclude the “dream team” capabilities that every enterprise needs today – to create joined-up outcomes, at market-speed, from an increasing diversity of ideas and initiatives.

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