Duplicate layers in draw.io for Atlassian Confluence & Jira

Make your diagram layers twice as nice by duplicating layers in draw.io for Confluence & Jira.
This video is part of our Youtube playlist https://drawio.link/layers


Get your 30-day trial – draw.io is available on the Atlassian Marketplace (https://drawio.link/marketplace)

Or learn more about diagramming with draw.io at https://drawio-app.com/learning. You can also take a look at our blog (https://drawio-app.com/blog) to always stay up-to-date on new draw.io features in Confluence and Jira.

Clear the Clutter and Clear Your Mind!

Has the clutter in your house or office been accumulating enabling your mind to full of mental clutter that maintains you from obtaining things done? Find out more on how to RESET your work and also life giving you much more clearness to concentrate on what needs to be done.

Project Management Collaboration – Real Life Group Projects

Practically everybody has actually had the ‘group task’ experience in school. While these can go truly well, nearly every effective person has at least one story of the team task gone horribly wrong. Normally, there are some individuals in the team that are motivated to get their component done, and others are not as trustworthy.

Online Project Software – Not All Programs Are Equal

People, businesses, companies, and trainees all have jobs that have to be completed in order to succeed. Life is filled with collection of tasks that must be accomplished each day in search of the objectives most of us have. Though each of our tasks is various, depending upon what our goals are, there are some commonness in task management.

Online Project Management Software – Using a Gantt Chart to Track Your Project

With the abundance of online job monitoring software program, it can be very easy to get bewildered. There are a lot of options of software program programs, as well as countless features to sort via. One extremely useful device in some web-based job monitoring programs is the Gantt chart application.

Do Your Goals Even Stand a Chance?

To be successful, whether at the office or in a personal connection, you need to outline your objectives. What do you wish to complete? What outcomes do you want? Exactly how will you recognize when you get there? It’s not adequate to have well-defined objectives, you need to see to it they’re the best goals: right for you, right for your company, and also right for the individuals around you.

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