Driving Culture Change That Sticks

Driving Culture Change That Sticks
Jo Franco-Wheeler, Director of Organisational Development and Diversity, Inmarsat

Jo will be speaking at the Virtual Business Change & Transformation Conference Europe on the subject, ‘Driving Culture Change That Sticks’ 26-29 October

View more information here: https://irmuk.co.uk/events/business-change-transformation-conference-europe/

Webinar Overview:

“You can’t change the culture of a company”, or so we were told when we embarked on a programme of ambitious culture change across Inmarsat. Hear how we addressed the skepticism, resistance and lack of time to focus on our culture and delivered a transformation programme that actually made a change. It’s still ongoing but we’ve seen some fantastic results and we’d like to share what we’ve learned along the way including how to:

• Build a business case for culture change
• Roll out something that makes sense to a global audience
• Set a culture change programme up for success
• Make change throughout the organisation as well as leveraging the leaders
• Reinforce the changes you’ve made

Plus we’ll share what we’d do differently if we started all over again. This will be a practical case study of a culture change, plus some war stories from changing culture in other organisations.

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