draw.io goes Whiteboard – More than just a diagraming tool (T4AT 21)

The need for content visualization is greater than ever. Due to the pandemic, tools that support teams in the visual development of content have gained tremendous popularity. We will take a look at how this idea can be applied to the Atlassian ecosystem.

Recently, draw.io for Confluence, the most popular diagramming app in the Atlassian environment, gained another feature. From now on, you can use draw.io like a whiteboard to not only document ideas, but also collaborate on them. We will have a look at the new reduced editor, which can have an added value for you beyond the pure use case of a digital whiteboard. We look forward to receiving your feedback and ideas.
Prior knowledge: Participants should have an interest in visualization. We will talk in detail about the use case of visualization in Confluence, but the solution is not limited to Confluence (as the feature can also be used as an open source tool).
Target audience: everyone who already uses draw.io and wants to experience the new feature. But you are also welcome anytime if you would like to focus more on visualization or are currently using another tool.

A presentation by: Bastian Schmitt

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