Doggos in Costooms

Doggos love to wear costumes, and when a doggo wears a costume, it’s doing a bamboozle. Some doggos bamboozle as superheroes, like sooperman, pooperman, the justice beagles, and bat dog. Other doggos dress up as their favorite sci-fi characters, like chewbarka, Luke Skypawker, and Darth Spayeder.

For Halloween, some doggos like to dress up in spooky outfits. Often you’ll see ghost corgies and zombie doggos – watch out! They’re heckin spooky.

Doggos also dress up as other animals, like flappy stompies, froggos, reindeer, and sometimes, even doggos. What a bamboozle!

There are many more costumes, like beanie borkers, air bork one, fairy dog mothers, hot doggos, Santa Paws, Woof Bader Ginsberg, and of course, Snoop Doggo.

Visualize your bamboozling doggos, cattos, furry potatoes, ideas, processes, and anything else (really!) with Lucidchart.

Photo Attributions

From Lucid Employees:
Bad Boi – Jessie Innis –
Woof Bader Ginsberg – Micaela Wright –
Chewbarka – Kelsey Stewart –
These aren’t the good bois you’re looking for – Megan Potrzeba –
Flappy Stompy – Megan Potrzeba –
Beanie Borker – Megan Potrzeba –
Sooperman – David Lye
Harry Pawtter – David Lye
Bat Dog – David Lye
Justice Beagles – David Lye
Pooperman – Chase Palmer
Fairy Dog Mother – Joel Winchester

From Redditors:
Zombie Doggo – u/batterymassacre –

From Flickr:
Used the following 6 photos from Dapuglet (profile –
-Darth Spayeder –
-King Catto Doggo –
-Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindog –
-Doggo doggo –
-Air Bork One –
-Hot Doggo –

See here for complete list w/usage licenses:

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