Doggos do the Winter Olympics

This doggo diagram charts out the Winter Olympics and outlines all 15 of the sports. These doggos and puppers are highly evolved super-athletes…so they have arms and legs 🙂

Doggos and puppers (and a lot of photoshopping) make it easy to understand all the different Winter Olympics sports. First there are the skiing events: Alpine, Freestyle, Ski Jumping, and Cross Country Skiing. When combine Cross Country Skiing and shooting a rifle, that’s the Biathlon. And if you combine Cross Country Skiing and Ski Jumping, that’s Nordic Combined. Similar to Skiing (but extra cool) is Snowboarding.

You also have “down the chute” sports, like the Bobsleigh, Luge, and Skeleton. Finally there are ice sports: Fgure Skating, Hockey, long track & short track Speed Skating, and (last but not least) Curling.

Credits for Photos with Attribution Requirements:
Winter Olympics – by Republic of Korea – (changes made: added dog)
Freestyle – by Zach Dischner – (changes made: added dog)
Ski Jumping – by Ailura – (changes made: added dog)
Cross Country Skiing – by Fanny Schertzer – (changes made: added dogs)
Snowboarding – by Bob Bob – (changes made: added dog)
Luge – by Christian Jansky – (changes made: added dog)
Skeleton – by Republic of Korea – (changes made: added dog)
Figure Skating – by Clément Bucco-Lechat – (changes made: added dogs)
Figure Skating – by Elisa Self – (changes made: put dog on human)
Hockey – by kris krüg – (changes made: added dog)
Short Track – by johnthescone – (changes made: added dog)
Long Track – by Clément Bucco-Lechat – (changes made: added dog)
Curling – M. Smelter – (changes made: added dog)


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