Doggos do the Sooper Bowl

We had many doggo and pupper fans tell us that we should have a Sooper Bowl ad, so here it is! We’ve got a doggos diagram explaining all sorts of football activities with internet names for animals that are popular in memes. This is probably the only explanation of the Sooper Bowl you’ll ever need 🙂

Doggos do the passing, catching, and field goaling. They also do special plays like the qb squeak, bootleg, and flea flickr. This year’s Sooper Bowl is between the philadelphia freedom gliders and the new england always-wins-its. Even if you don’t like football, you should watch the Sooper Bowl. There’s a halftime show with justin tindercake and also many ads. And if none of that is appealing, just watch the pupper bowl 😉

The best Sooper Bowl ads have doggos. Hope you like this one!

Credits for Photos with Attribution Requirements:
Sooper Bowl – by istolethetv –
Passing – by Taro the Shiba Inu –
Bootleg – by F Delventhal –
10 Bajillion – by Geoff Parsons –
Justin Tindercake – by J Vettorino –
Sooper Bowl Ads – by RichardBH –
Fizzy Drinks – by Minda Haas Kuhlmann –
Avocados – by Mindy Hertzon –
Doggos – by Petful – or


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