Doggo Chart – Part 4

Doggos are back in a new doggo chart! Lucidchart reveals more types of doggos and puppers in this fourth diagram that explains internet names for dogs.

Doggos are known to occassionally drink bepis, conke, and sprint. But be careful, because doggos and puppers can get the diapeebus if they drink bepis, conke, and sprint!

One of the most loved types of doggos is the shibe, also called the shiber. A smol shibe (or shiber) is called a shiberino. And a big ol shiberino is a shibe or shiber. If a shibe does a shake, that’s a shibe drill.

A shibe’s cousin is the shoob, which is also called a clowd doggo. There are also pooders, yorkos, beard boye, cheewawa, scruffer, and croccodoggo.

There are more doggo things. For example, hoomans are dropping sheets and disappearing. It’s called What the Fluff Challenge, and it’s doing the doggos much confuse. There’s also the corgo ship of the h*ckin high seas, pug in a blanket, and if a doggo wears the goggles…then it’s doggles.

Finally, the most important hero in all of doggo history is Lieutenant Lettuce. He conquered the stonky cade and has cemented his place in doggo lore.

As always, you can visualize your doggos and anything else, with Lucidchart.

Photos with Attribution Requirements:

Credits for Photos with Attribution Requirements:
Drink the Drinks – by Leon G – (enhanced color)
Bepis doggo – by cuatrok77 – (added bepis can)
Conke doggo – by Rolle The Dog – (added conke can)
Sprint doggo – by Rocky Cardwell – (added sprint can)
Chia Pet – by Julie Feinstein –
Cheewawa – by wsilver –
Croccodoggo – by @dukeofleaves –
What the Fluff doggo – by cuatrok77 –
Much confused doggo – by adrigu –
Corgo Ship – by @SnacksComic –
Doggles #4 – by Randy Robertson –
Biker Boyes – by super_man6694 –
Lieutenant Lettuce – by @lieutenantlettuce –


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